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Hello and welcome to my author's page. I am a 59 year old mother of 3 boys, two in heaven and one on earth. I was born and raised in Italy and I moved to the US to study English while I lived with my aunt, and as the story goes... one thing led to another and I never returned. I do miss Italy and my family dearly, we do plan to retire there to be among family. I am a graphic artist, photographer, author, webmaster, blogger and more.

My first son, Alex, was stillborn at full term, at the time it was thought it to be a cord accident, but when my following son (Nicky) was born and diagnosed with a devastating and painful skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa (called EB for short) the Doctors then realized EB could have played a key part in his demise. My son Nicky had one of the more devastating forms of EB, called Recessive Dystrophic, so rare only 3 babies in a million are born with it. His skin wass as fragile as a butterfly’s wing which can blister at the slightest touch — even from my cuddles. Normal day-to-day life caused constant pain and scarring, which lead to disfigurement and disability, ultimately resulting in his death in late 2021 at age 25. ​

I created quite an extensive website to share information about this orphan condition you can visit @

I wrote a book about Nicky's life which I released in late March 2015. I start the book with Alex's story, which I released separately in an effort to help moms facing similar situations. 

Thank you for visiting!

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